Livenity merges the best of three different worlds – it is a business incubator, a market development agency, and a venture capital advisor.


Our Mission is the marketing of visionary technologies in the German speaking countries (DACH).

  • We accompany inventors and early entrepreneurs at realizing their visions.
  • We help established corporations introduce their products in new markets.
  • We assist investors in participating in innovative enterprises.


As economically important European countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland enjoy a worldwide reputation for innovation, cutting-edge technology and high productivity. The power of the German economic area results from a unique combination of excellent research in science and technology with a stable and healthy economy.


Livenity focuses on the issues of our time; technologies that effect the global economy and thus our living quality: Life Sciences, Healthcare and Information Technology


Currently, only the paths of three special people need to cross in order to turn a vision into a global enterprise,

  • a brilliant inventor who finds a solution nobody thought of before,
  • a highly talented marketer who scales up a quality product for the mass market, and
  • an investor who realizes more than anyone else the potential of the other two.



We know that these circumstances rarely meet. Until you are ready, we provide our expertise and network available to achieve your goals.

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