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Germany, Austria and Switzerland combine essential locational advantages over other countries in Europe. In a global ranking for the largest pharmaceutical markets, Germany is ranked 4th after US, Japan and China. Switzerland is among the countries with the highest per capita income and thus offers an attractive market for high quality products throughout the health and technology sectors. In Austria, the Federal Government is investing increasingly in innovative high-tech companies, leading to a demand for research and technology products.

We guide enterprises expanding business in central Europe, with a focus on the German-speaking countries. In addition to formal investigations, such as reimbursement of health insurances or country-specific import of goods, we put our clients in touch with the ”best clients”. Our international network includes key opinion leaders in science and technology, strategic partners in industry, as well as private and public health insurances and foundations. Our aim is to effectively introduce and sustainably market customer products and services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In this regard we pay attention to detail and always strive for the most favorable cost-benefit ratio.

Livenity’s partners of excellence are from industry, finance and academia, with a focus on life sciences, healthcare and information technology. We have special expertise in the areas of personalized medicine and digital health.

Our USPs are:

  • The combination of business experience and scientific expertise at a high level
  • A clear focus on life sciences, healthcare, information technology
  • Excellent market and regulatory knowledge in the DACH region
  • Access to global network of investors, decision makers and opinion leaders
  • Many years of experience as founder, board member, managing director and advisor

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